I was seen at The Rose

Help us make her feel seen.

As women, I think most of us know what it feels like when we simply weren’t seen or heard.

When this happens during a medical visit, it is like we weren’t important, and our concerns were dismissed. At The Rose, I’ve  seen firsthand how a simple act of listening can transform a person’s experience in healthcare.

A woman recently shared that when she went to  The Rose she felt she was truly “seen.” She felt the staff heard her, something she had not experienced in the past, and in her mind, it was because she was uninsured. Her words echo the countless stories we’ve heard from individuals who are often overlooked when they are most in need.

This woman’s story is a testament to the power of every contribution. Your gifts keep our doors open to all women. Your support translates into care, into being seen, into the assurance that every health concern is not just noted but addressed.

Thank you for helping us  ensure no woman is ever invisible in her time of need.

Dorothy Gibbons
CEO and Co-Founder of The Rose

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