Your donations are making a difference.

This past year, we saw an unprecedented 26% increase in uninsured patients asking for help. We have not seen this type of increase in two decades.  For the seventh straight year in a row, we struggled with the discouraging statistic that only uninsured patients were diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. Stage 4 is the most serious and life-threatening stage of breast cancer.

What is scary is how many young women have late-stage cancer, like the 46-year-old mother of three that came to us with a large mass in her breast that had already spread. She did not have insurance; she did not have a doctor… she did not know how to access care. And now, she has a tough road ahead of her.

60% of uninsured women will die from breast cancer compared to insured women.

How is that possible when medicine has never been better? Because access to care has never been worse.

When you give to The Rose, you’re making access to care possible. With your donation, we can give another woman a future to be with her family.


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